Ally Medical Emergency Room in Central Austin.

Situated along State Highways 71 and 21 near the Wendy’s and across the highway from HEB, the Ally Medical Emergency Room in Bastrop is conveniently located to serve the entire Bastrop and east Austin region.

Each Ally Medical ER is equipped to treat both minor and major medical emergencies for children and adults of all ages in a safe, stress-free setting. Come in or call whenever you need us.

Our goal is to minimize any waiting, but we do have comfortable seating areas for visitors. Our patient rooms are private and restful.

Our medical staff specializes in providing both emergency care and trauma care, ranging from broken bones and other injuries to infections, allergy and asthma attacks, snake bites, and severe stomach pain or chest pain that may indicate a serious condition. We provide on-site testing, including CT scans, x-rays, and ultrasound imaging, as well as lab tests for fast results and accurate diagnoses.

Whenever you or a loved one experiences a critical medical condition, please get emergency care as soon as possible. We are here for you 24/7.