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Immediate Care for You and Your Family

We are always here for you. Ally Medical Emergency Rooms are staffed by emergency physicians, nurses, radiology technologists, and medical technicians to deliver a full range of emergency and trauma care for pediatric and adult patients around the clock. We provide on-site testing and imaging services to ensure quick and accurate diagnoses and provide immediate medical services to treat and stabilize acute illnesses and injuries.

Emergency Care

Trauma Care

On-site Testing

Common Symptoms Treated at Ally Medical Emergency Rooms

Headaches and Migraines:

Headaches have many causes and range in severity from a common migraine to a dangerous condition such as a stroke. At Ally Medical Emergency Rooms, our physicians use advanced diagnostic imaging to evaluate your situation as needed. We offer immediate treatment, including medications, that can be effective in providing fast relief and preventing further headaches.


Ally Medical conducts COVID-19 testing (PCR) and treatments as part of emergency room evaluations, based on best practice clinical protocols. Those seeking care at Ally Medical will be subject to emergency room billing practices.

Chest Pain or Discomfort:

Chest pain may signal a heart attack or other causes, which may be life-threatening. Our team can perform rapid testing to determine the source of your discomfort, including on-site stress tests to evaluate heart function. Our physicians then deliver appropriate treatment to stabilize your condition and refer you for follow-up care as needed.

Abdominal Pain:

Severe abdominal pain may be the result of inflammation from your stomach or gallbladder, gastrointestinal distress, a viral infection or a serious condition requiring emergency surgery. Our team can help ease your pain and run tests to develop an effective treatment plan.

Allergic Reaction:

Severe allergic reactions are frightening and can quickly affect your ability to breathe. We have the medications to treat your symptoms immediately and then monitor you to ensure your safety.

Injured or Fractured Bones:

Each Ally Medical ER is equipped with advanced imaging technology and access to dedicated radiologists to determine if your injury is serious. Our physicians can stabilize and treat your injury right away, using pain relief medicines or anesthesia so that bones can be straightened without pain.

High Fever:

A fever can be a serious sign of your body fighting off a viral or bacterial infection. We provide rapid diagnostic tests to accurately determine the cause of your fever and deliver treatment to stabilize your condition.

Head Injury or Concussion:

Any major head injury should be evaluated immediately. Our experienced physicians may use diagnostic imaging to assess your injury and deliver the appropriate treatment as quickly as possible.

Cuts and Lacerations:

Our emergency medicine specialists will stabilize your wound with stitches or other remedies to promote healing with minimal scarring.

Pediatric Concerns:

Ally Medical physicians are experienced with pediatric emergencies of all kinds and have the resources needed to help calm your child and perform procedures as painlessly as possible. We use needleless numbing and pain medications, including nasal sprays, to make your child more comfortable quickly.

Fast Transfer to a Hospital and Follow-up Care

If we determine that hospitalization is required after you have been diagnosed and treated at our emergency room, we arrange for transportation and admittance to a nearby hospital.

If you need follow-up care by your primary care physician or a specialist, we will be happy to refer you and share our findings. Of course, you can always call us after your visit if you have questions or concerns.