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More Caring.
Less Waiting.

Ally Medical is reinventing emergency medical care through a network of freestanding emergency rooms in Austin and Houston, where patient care and advocacy is our first priority. Ally Medical is owned and managed by a team of board-certified physicians who are dedicated to emergency and trauma care.

Ally Medical Emergency Rooms are designed to put patients at ease, with private rooms and a full array of imaging and testing capabilities to speed diagnosis and treatment. More importantly, our physicians are empowered to develop the optimal plan of care for our patients and to serve as their allies in health. We are staffed with medical professionals, including a physician, 24/7. We also offer the assistance of patient advocates to help patients with billing questions and to make our care as affordable as possible. Our promise to patients: More caring and less waiting.

Our promise to patients:

More caring and less waiting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Freestanding Emergency Rooms?

Freestanding Emergency Rooms are simply emergency rooms not tied to a hospital. With statistically shorter wait times, high quality, and licensed physicians and nurses, freestanding emergency rooms provide care for patients with all types of emergent medical issues that require rapid response.

Who is Ally Medical?

Ally Medical, was founded by USA Emergency Centers in 2016, and operated as Physicians Premier Emergency Room from 2016-2020. It is still owned and managed by local, board-certified physicians who are reinventing emergency care – with more caring and less waiting. Ally Medical Emergency Rooms offer the highest standard of emergency medical services. Our physicians evaluate each patient’s condition to develop the most appropriate plan of care and closely monitor all patients.

Ally Medical operates eight freestanding emergency rooms in Texas with locations in Bastrop, South and Central Austin, Clear Lake, Round Rock, Dripping Springs, Buda, and Spring.

There are no appointments needed, and patients may come in any time, day or night, with little or no waiting.

How is Ally Medical Emergency Room different from other emergency rooms?

Our patient-first philosophy offers a new and better way to treat medical emergencies and empowers the health care team to provide the right care, right away. Ally Medical Emergency Rooms are designed to eliminate the wait and make patients feel more comfortable and less stressed.

What do Ally Medical Emergency Rooms offer?

Ally Medical Emergency Rooms have a full range of diagnostic and test equipment in their facilities, including ultrasound, X-ray, CT scanners, and on-site lab testing capabilities that provide fast results and aid accurate diagnoses. Our emergency rooms have the ability to provide short-term observation up to 23 hours in our comfortable facilities.

Each facility maintains hospital transfer agreements if a patient needs to be transferred for a longer inpatient stay, surgery, blood transfusions, or other higher acuity needs.

What kind of medical emergency services are provided by Ally Medical Emergency Rooms?

Our medical staff specializes in providing emergency medical and trauma care, ranging from broken bones and other injuries to infections, allergy and asthma attacks, animal bites, and severe stomach pain or chest pain that may indicate a serious condition.

For a list of our services, please click here.

Who are your patients?

Each Ally Medical Emergency Room is equipped to treat both minor and major medical emergencies for children and adults of all ages in a safe, stress-free setting.

What are your insurance policies and information?

Ally Medical Emergency Rooms can process all private insurance plans and provides a team of Patient Advocates to help address any billing questions.

Please note that Medicare, Medicaid, and TRICARE do not provide coverage for freestanding emergency room services. More of our billing and insurance practices can be found on our Insurance Information page.

Our commitment to you is to be transparent on the billing for the care you receive.

If you have questions, call an Ally Medical Emergency Room Patient Advocate at 512-234-1081.

Do you accept uninsured patients?

Yes, all patients are welcome at Ally Medical Emergency Rooms. All patients will receive a basic medical screening exam at no charge. This exam may lead to further testing and treatment, and additional services are promptly charged at our competitive self-pay rates with no further costs to be billed.

Which COVID-19 tests and treatments are offered by the facility?

Ally Medical ERs conduct COVID-19 testing as part of emergency room evaluations, based on best practice clinical protocols, for patients who have COVID symptoms. We do not serve as a routine COVID-19 testing center.

As an emergency room, we can take care of patients concerned about severe COVID-19 symptoms such as chest pain or difficulty breathing. If you have these symptoms, please call 911 or seek help immediately at the nearest emergency room, whether it is an Ally Medical Emergency Room or another Emergency Room.

If you need a routine COVID-19 test, please visit a community testing site.

If you are not sure whether you should come to an Ally Medical ER for a COVID-19 test, feel free to call any of our locations with questions.

How to Request Medical Records

If you are a patient seeking medical records, you may come by one of our locations with your ID to request your records. You may also complete this form and send to medical records.

Fax: 512-233-0581



Ally Medical, Medical Records

5525 Burnet Road, Suite A

Austin TX, 78756

If you are looking for records and are associated with an insurer or law office, please fax all requests to 512-355-0626

How do I get an itemized bill?

You have the right to request and receive an itemized statement. To request an itemization of charges, please contact our Billing Department at 512-234-1081.

Will I ever receive a text message about my bill?

Please note that Ally Medical will NEVER solicit payment via text. Ally Medical will text you after your visit from the location phone number to inquire about your visit, but will never ask for payment.  Please stay vigilant and double check the sender’s phone numbers. We ask that do not provide any personal information over text.  You can always call back to ensure you are speaking with a real Ally Medical team member.