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The holidays are a wonderful and joyful time of year where family and friends get the chance to relax and reconnect before moving into the New Year. It is typically full of celebration that many look forward to but for those recovering from substance abuse disorders, the holidays can bring a unique stress compared to the rest of year. From social events and office parties with plenty of alcohol offered to navigating complex relationships between family, friends, and coworkers, the holidays can be a sensitive time where more triggers may arise.

However, there are many ways that you can plan for the holiday season ahead to make sure that your recovery remains a priority. It is important to make a plan to minimize stress and possible exposure to your triggers, as well as know the resources and support available to you in your community.

Ally Medical’s Recovery Community Lunch

We often see more individuals in our emergency room for substance abuse related disorders during the holiday season as stressors are more common. Knowing this, Ally Medical proudly partners with numerous organizations in our community that offer support and resources to those in recovery.

To celebrate these partnerships, on November 7th, Ally Medical hosted a lunch for recovery organizations in our community. We’re so thankful for our recovery partners and everything they do for our community.

The Texas Association of Addiction Professionals (TAAP) is a fantastic partner who represents the interests of prevention specialists, addiction counselors, recovery support specialists, and all those who serve individuals, families and communities impacted by substance abuse. They provide a statewide network of resources for anyone to use who needs to. We recommend going to their website to be able to find more specific information about particular support that can be accessed closest to you.

We know that these resources are important for our patients’ long-term health and we are glad to have so many partners who we can refer patients to for more information and help.