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This month we celebrate love on Valentines Day, but did you know we have a reason to celebrate hearts all month long? February is American Heart Month! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in every 3 deaths in the United States are related to cardiovascular disease (CVD). It’s never too early to make heart-healthy choices, so this #HeartMonth, Ally Medical is raising awareness about CVD prevention.

Three Ways you Can Support #HeartMonth:

  1. Educate Yourself and Your Peers!

The CDC compiles a toolkit each year with resources, strategies, and other materials to help you communicate with people about the consequences of CVD and its related conditions, such as high blood pressure. Tools and resources for health care professionals, public health professionals and for individuals and parents are all available at

  1. Take the Quiz!

Do you have healthy habits? Take the American Heart Association’s quiz to find out! The more you know, the easier it can be to live a heart-healthy life.

How much do you know about heart-healthy habits? (

  1. Help Ally Medical Promote Heart Safety!

This month, Ally Medical helped Austin’s Boone Elementary become a Heart Safe School, which entailed instructing over 30 teachers in American Heart Association CPR/AED/Choking curriculum to ensure at least 50% of their staff has had hands on CPR and AED training. Boone Elementary’s campus will now have two functioning AEDs, Automated External Defibrillators or devices that re-establish a sustainable pulse, in case of emergency!

Could your child’s school or another’s need training like this? Contact our Head of Brand and Events, Katy Rankin, at

Lastly, STAY TUNED!  

At the end of the month, Ally Medical will be giving away FREE CPR classes for small businesses at our various site locations. Keep up with us on social medial to learn how to enter to win!