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Across the US, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, and in Texas, nearly 20,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. During October, we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month to raise awareness, educate, and show support for those affected. Through continued research, funding, knowledge, and proactivity we can decrease the devastating impact of this disease.

Wear Pink Day

Staff at all seven of our Ally Medical ER locations wore pink on October 20th for Wear Pink Day! This day shows support for those affected by breast cancer and raises awareness of the disease. At Ally Medical locations, CPR classes, and events throughout the community, our staff proudly spread awareness for prevention and early detection of breast cancer.


More Ways to Celebrate

This month, we are also encouraging everyone to take steps towards prevention and early detection of breast cancer.

Know Your Risk

Knowing your risk factor for breast cancer can help you and your doctor create the best plan to monitor your health and detect cancer early.

Some risk factors include:

  • Being a woman
  • Being over 50 years of age
  • Family history of breast cancer
  • Having or seeing changes in your BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes

Get Screened

It is recommended that most women begin mammogram screenings every year starting at age 40. Depending on your risk factors, your doctor may recommend starting screenings earlier. During your regular checkup, talk to your primary care physician about when you should begin screenings.

Know Your Normal

Giving yourself monthly breast self-examinations can help you understand what your normal is. If something doesn’t seem right, contact your doctor for a medical examination. For exam recommendations, see these tips from the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Supporting your overall health can reduce your risk of breast cancer. Decreasing stress on the body by getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, limiting alcohol intake, and maintaining a healthy weight can lower the risk of breast cancer.